About the Blog

Faith, Family, and Figuring It Out

Thanks for checking out the blog! Family Matters was started to share the Gospel to and encourage parents and parental figures on their journey in raising children. The blog explores topics about parenting, growing Godly children, and dealing with the everyday struggles of parenting in a post-Christian world.

Family Matters is a resource provided by Victory of the Lamb in Franklin, WI. For more information on Victory of the Lamb (including service times, live stream link, and more resources), please go to victoryofthelamb.com.

Meet the Blogger

Sammi Goodger is the Office Manager and Director of Communications at Victory of the Lamb.  She’s not an expert in family and faith, but she’s hoping to help herself and others grow closer to God and their families through sharing research and practical tips on family, relationships, and faith. She can be contacted here.