The Calling of Motherhood

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The Calling of Motherhood

What do you picture when you hear the word “Motherhood”?

To Mothers, Grandmothers, & Women

For some, it brings up images from this morning of making breakfast, dressing children, tying shoes, and gulping down coffee while trying to make it to church on time. For others, it evokes memories of long ago, making you wish you could go back to when your children could still fit in your arms. If this is you, thank you. We are blessed by the work you do and have done to bring up your children in a Godly household.

Some feel a sense of longing as they consider how their lives might be different if they had someone to call them Mom. Others feel regret as they look back at decisions they’ve made about motherhood. They may wish they could turn back time to make different choices. If this is you, know that we’re here for you. God is with you.

To Those With Mothers

Some think back to the selflessness their moms or mother figures showed as they cared for them in childhood and guided them into adulthood. They look forward to celebrating this day with them. If this is you, we celebrate with you as you honor this special person.

Some feel anger, frustration, and sadness as they struggle with the tension of a less-than-perfect or non-existent relationship with their mothers. Others shed tears as this day reminds them of how much they miss the special person they called Mom. If this is you, we mourn with you. May God bring you peace and comfort on this difficult day.

A Sacred Calling

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to thank God for those women who have birthed us, adopted us, fostered us, cared for us, and brought us up to know our Heavenly Father. God has called mothers to create new life. And, he calls them to nurture, care, and guide God’s children so that they might bless thousands of generations. Motherhood started with Eve. And it continues to be a blessing from God in each of our lives for today and always.

Additional Notes

Sarah Guenther originally read this piece at the Mother’s Day service at Victory of the Lamb, held on May 9, 2021 in Franklin, WI. You can view the full service here.

Graphics designed by Kari Nimmer.

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